This app converts PDF screenplays into Fountain and Final Draft format.

What is Fountain?

Fountain is a file extension that is highly compatible with most screenwriting softwares out there. This includes Slugline, Fade In, and Trelby. For more list of Fountain apps, check out this link.

Features in Progress...

  • - Retain Font size and styles (bold, italic, etc).
  • - Retain more positional information for pages prior to the beginning of screenplay.
  • - Deal with screenplays that include scene numbers.

P.S. This doesn't work with photocopied PDFs.


  • - Majority of function to convert to Final Draft is powered by the Screenplain package, coded by Martin Vilcans.
  • - The Fountain file format is the result of a collaboration between Stu Maschwitz and John August.